Altered Spaces: Research and Record

31st October to 3rd November

Fine Art

Artist Research

1. Sarah Morris

The work which was shown to us in class was Sarah Morris's piece called Endeavor. To me it seems like this maze thorough which one has to go to achieve success in Los Angeles. I wanted to research more on this artist as this work seemed very geometric, colourful and not with a general rectangle/square shape which was also something I was trying to achieve with my collage. 


Sarah Morris Endeavor (Los Angeles) 2005 Household gloss paint on canvas 289 x 289 cm

Sarah also has a film made on Los Angeles. When I read about the film in different places it said that Sarah made it highlighting the architecture of Los Angeles, but I personally feel that the film represents the most important part of every city: the people. I think it talks more about the people rather than the architecture.


Other work by Sarah is also similar in terms of geometry and colour. She usually gets inspired by architecture and uses flat colours.


Petrobras HQ [Rio] 2013 Household gloss on canvas Diptych, each: 60 x 60 in. (152.5 x 152.5 cm) Photo: Ben Westoby



Big Ben [2028] 2012 66 1/2 x 84 1/4 in. (168.9 x 214 cm) Household gloss on canvas

I watched an interview of Sarah Morris and there were two very strong points I picked from it. 1. The interviewer pointed out how the organisation in her studio represents the organisation in her paintings and I though of the exact same thing after the first few shots of her studio. 2. I believe in one of the things she said about the aura of a painting. About how the aura is not necessarily created by just the painting but the meaning behind it and by the artist as well. And how that aura can be different for different people and the meaning of the painting and emotions of the artists are not always necessary to be told. It should be left for interpretation. A lot of times I also look at artwork but I don't read about it because I want to interpret it myself and not let the real meaning hamper my imagination to it. 



2. Amy Yoes

Amy Yoes was not in the presentation but seeing my work the tutor suggested that I look up her work. My favourite work of hers is the film 'Raft'. It is like how something grows from noting to something so beautiful and vibrant, but still maintaining its geometric property. Also, the music in the film is what the tutor wanted me to go for in my video I suppose.



Still from the video 'Raft'


Spectrum is one of her permanent installations. I believe that by spectrum she is referring to the spectrum of colours and shapes. Again,  they have similar colours and shapes to that in the video 'Raft'. The colours are so loud but still really pleasing to the eye in those shapes.


Permanent sculpture installation for P.S.362, Bronx, NY. Wood, metal, plexiglas, paint, 2008. A commission from Percent For Art.


3. Powers of Ten

This was also not part of the presentation but the tutor asked me to watch it for the music as it would help me for the music in my video. But honestly, the content of the video was so interesting that my concentration would wavier away from the music every time I watched it. But what I can say is that the music was such that it really grabbed the audience's attention. I can describe it as hypnotising in a way; it probably wouldn't be hypnotising by itself but when merged with the video going in and out of the man's hand it was so. The human attention span is really tiny, especially mine; but even apart from the content the film had such visuals and audio that I never realised when the 9 minutes got over.



Parts of the film 'Powers of Ten' (1977) Combined. Directed by Charles and Rae Eames 



My Work

I don't know why but I before starting the collage I had a very geometric idea in mind. I have made collages before with absolutely no geometric references but here I just wanted to concentrate on shape. The original idea was hexagons but I switched to triangles as the prints were already to complicated to use and it might have looked like a mess with a complicated shape. I started to cut of triangles where the print colours and shapes seemed interesting. First I made a huge hexagon out of several triangles but it just didn't seem fine. So  added more triangles to make an undefined shape and ended up with this:


But it seemed a little incomplete, I wanted to fill up more space on the paper so I cut out and added more triangles:


Now I was wondering how to take it forward. I wished to play with size and opacity. The tutor suggested an animation as I wanted to potray a never ending shape. The final outcome is down below. The tutor did like my final outcome but thought that the audio was overpowering as compared to the video. I agreed and disagreed to that, I was and still am confused. I did experiment more with the audio but still liked the original I made the best. The video concentrates on the 'never ending shape' perspective and with the importance of having a strong base. The entire collage wouldn't be present if it wasn't for that one triangle to begin with, so I started and ended the video with that triangle as it is the strongest part in this collage.  



Final Video

Visit to Exhibitions

Jonas Wood

Gagosian Gallery 

Jonas Wood has a very specific style. One can easily see paintings and recognise if they're his or not. He uses only flat colour, and if he needs to bring gradation he puts together series of flat colours but never blends them. This gives his work a very collage feel as well. Most of his inspirations seem to be interior designs, and they rarely include humans. e plays with perspectives. His work is very detailed in certain areas. As of what I noticed, he tries to include a painting inside his painting; usually has some text in the painting; and works heavily on textures. All of his work is on really huge canvases.What I liked most about this gallery was that some of his original ideas and building up of ideas was displayed as well so the viewer could understand how the final piece came about.


Some of his paintings displayed in the gallery



Some of his original ideas displayed in the gallery



Francesca DiMattio

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery 

Francesca DiMattio displayed painting and sculpture work. Here I will just talk about the painting work and the Sculpture work in the sculpture section. Her paintings were filled with lots of details and 3D textures. I really liked the use of mix media in her painting, it made me think a lot about what media she could have used because there were so many and they were so manipulated. The balanced confusion in her paintings with several textures is what makes the viewer look longer is what I believe. She plays with certain colour themes in her paintings, mostly shades of one colour only with monochromes. Her paintings also seem like collages but in a very different way from Jonas Wood's. His work is more hard cut ends type of collage work where as her is more about blending different structures together.


Paisley, 2015 
mixed media on canvas
208.3 x 177.8 cm, 82 x 70 in


Gingham, 2015 
mixed media on canvas
203.2 x 254 cm, 80 x 100 in



Where does one thins end and the next begin?

The piece of writing starts with the same question as the title, about how things are so complex and why so many things don#t merge with each other (scientifically, artistically and physically); what would be one way to make 'edges' merge with each other? And the answer given to that was collage.

The writer then talks about some works of collage and how they cross boundaries to answer the question.

The Chimera was a mixture of several animals collaged into one creature. It seemed scary to some, unreal to some. But the main point was that it went beyond the limits of 'normal' and 'usual' to become what it was and it got the people to think about it, in a negative and eerie way

As of what I understood, the ergonomic edge is very sexual. It replaces parts of the human body(usually female) with inanimate man made objects. It has acted as, and still acts as a form of fetish. It is also created regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. But it mainly revolves around peoples sexual fantasies and desires by manipulating the human body.

The infinity pool is not as the name suggests, infinite; but instead it's about illusion. Artists use illusions in their collages to trick the viewers. The illusions can also be such that they are only visible from a certain area, or can be an illusion recorded in certain conditions and presented as video, or just be usual eye tricks.

Camouflage is very similar to illusion but there is a thin line of difference between the two. The camouflage edge is like a make believe for the viewer, like a surprise element. But it doesn't exactly trick the viewer, it gives them an added information.

The municipal edge is a very large scale unimaginable edge. It may not even be done on purpose, it may even just be present in nature. It may be permanent and not changeable, it may be for the good or bad of the humankind.


PDF file of the Reading


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