LV Series 3



I went for the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition and I was in awe of it. The thing that made all the designs stand out was how the exhibition was displayed overall. The dark area with the big ball like structure in the beginning was the start of catching attention and it went on. The room after that was circular and it felt like real life movement around the models walking and displaying the clothes. The garments were minimalistic, a generic LV trait. And the inspiration was travel.

The part that I liked the most was how the entire making was actually shown.



The display of the accessories also really fascinated me. The mannequins were coming out of a block and only their necessary body parts were shown. Also, when noticed closely the mannequins were actually in LV Series 3 clothing. But the way of using white actually singled out the accessories and made the viewer look.



The repetition of the models on the screens was, I believe, the representation of the repetition of the LV logo; and the little repetition in the series 3 designs.



My favourite pieces were the 'East meets West' pieces as I am inspired by the combining of two cultures. It also fits very well with the whole travel concept of the exhibit. 




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