Research and Record: New Data

Fashion and Textiles Diagnostic 24/09/2015

New Data

Secondary Research

This is some research from the artists we were given to research on in the brief:

1. One of Nils Vo?lker's recent work inspired by garbage bags and waves. Water inside the bags would create a wave movement in the installation. I love when unusual 'not artsy' materials are used for art and this is one of them.



2. Chiharu Shiota's 2015 work called 'After the dream'. It looks like something has been captured by these complicated webs and the little spaces in between are the pathway to freedom. I really like how the thread used is very thin which adds to the complexity of the piece



3. Piper Shepad works with a lot of textiles. The first picture is from the 2002-2005 work called chambers. The second is from 2010 called Daisy Wave. The best part about his work is the repetition.



4. Suzumi Noda's work is mostly net patterns. But I appreciate how there is so much contrast in her work. The first piece seems so unorganised and all over the place but the second is stiff and patterned; but both in the end are a form which have see through space between them like net/lace 



5. Liz Nilsson often has very precisely done work. The first picture is from the project 'Delicate Matters' and the second is from 'How did I get here?' The work looks so delicate and gives a very soft emotion to the viewer



6. Ai Matsumoto has very minimalistic designs centered around lace and pattern. The first picture is work from 2009 called 'Melting Line' and the second is also from 2009 called 'Mapping'. There is repetition in the work but it's not exact repetition, meaning there is use of a certain kind of line but at the same time each line is different from the other



7. Atelier Manferdini uses lots of patterns. The first work is called 'Bianca' and the second is 'Building the picture'. Firstly, I really like the geometry in the work; and secondly the colours are put together really beautifully



8. Maurizio Anzeri works uses embroidery on photographs and prints. It is like combining two forms of media which is something I take from this as it teaches that one can experiment with lots of different kinds of mark making mediums





Work in Class

The work done is class involved bringing objects that mean something to you and sketching them in a group of four after placing them like an installation. We even used thread to place them like a lace pattern. All work was 2D. These are pictures of what we had to sketch (The sketches are in the sketchbook):



These are the collages made using parts of the sketches:



This is the final collage:



This is drawing on the A2 sheet using the OHP. The place which is drawn, which looks extremely gooey, is actually extra glue and paper which wouldn't come off. I messed up the plastic and had to remove some stuck paper but all of it didn't come off. It left me with this final result but personally I think it actually made my deign more interesting.



The final outcome is on a separate page



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