ReEdit: Research and Record

5th November to 9th November

Fine Art

Artist Research

1. Cory Arcangel, A couple thousand short films about Glenn Gould, 2007

This film forms a musical arrangement of Bach's Variation no. 1 (from the Goldberg Variations). It has video footage from various other places; even including videos where people were playing to their pets. It forms a tune but irritates the ear at the same time as there is no uniformity. For this project he created his own video editing software. This is one of the main pieces that inspired me for my final work.



A still from the film

2. Omer Fast, CNN Concatenated, 2002 

This film is filled with contrast. It's like CNN reporters speaking against what their own channel is supporting. I like the human element of slight pauses which is added. The only problem with this is that after a while I personally feel that it gets a little monotonous as the sentences don't go in a row where each word is spoken by a different person. Also, it's a little long. For someone really interested in news, or who is very anti mainstream media; would probably enjoy the whole thing but the film really interests me just in the beginning and then I zone out in between. But overall, I absolutely love the message the film is giving out.



All the reporters in the film put together to form this where there is a hidden American flag in the collage.


3. Candice Breitz, Her, 2008 

This is a film which very cleverly combines footage of Meryl Streep in different movies and makes like a monologue where she dicusses general women's issues. The amount of technical work that would have gone into this is probably really high and that fascinates me just as much as the outcome and meaning of the video does. When I researched about this I found out that there is a male version- 'Him' of the same type as well using Jack Nicholson. But it concentrated on more phycological issues of who a person is what is their purpose in life rather than Men's issues. 




Stills from the films 'Her' and 'Him'


4. Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson perform Steve Reich's minimal piece 'Clapping Music'. Idea, George Manak, Editing Peter van der Ham. 2005 

This is another film that inspired me to make what I made. I love how just a couple of beats put together in different ways make the whole video. Also, the end where she is just so tired and falls down. I watched this several times before making my own film.



A still from the film

 5. BarakDubSubs

This was not part of any presentation, not suggested by the tutor but I had seen it on YouTube before so it interested me. This is basically using different parts of Barak Obama's speech to create the words to a famous song, which makes it seems like he is singing it. This is a humorous take on the use of mash up speech.

Film(one of several):

download.php?file=1564304&view=157350&embedded=1&textbox=1536708 download.php?file=1564305&view=157350&embedded=1&textbox=1536708 download.php?file=1564306&view=157350&embedded=1&textbox=1536708

Some other dub subs by this YouTube Channel 


My Work

I chose to work more around sounds rather than around visuals. Mainly inspired by the 'Clapping Music' piece. My original idea was to work on my own videos from YouTube to make a mash up concentrated around words, but the tutor said that's not exactly found footage as that's my personal footage. Hence I got another idea to try to create a tune with the daily sounds we hear in life. I could have made it better if I could record my own sounds as I'd have a bigger library of videos to work with; it was very tough to find footage of some sounds that I wanted. 

I tried to make the video such that it starts slow and the sounds keep on adding one by one. Also, I kept the clips really tiny so the viewer would know what they're watch when they're watching it, but would probably forget after the video. They'd remember the sound but not the video. Also, only I would be the one who remembers which sound was mixed with which other as I was the one editing it. I like the concept of not letting it all out to the audience. The sounds went by so fast that it wasn't enough for them to register which clips have been mashed up with which others. I kept the fast cars clip for long to give a tiny break between the repetition of sounds. I kept the tube announcement video fully so that it gives some words with the sounds, as only sounds didn't seem that appealing to me. Also, it added a fun element as I manipulated the voice to sound like a cartoon's voice and robot's voice. And repeated words are more hilarious than repeated sounds. After making the video I realised that it sounded monotonous in a good way. It personally seemed like a tune of mixed emotions. It was like showing the monotony of our daily lives and how they can be made exciting.

I didn't really have to explain my video and my ideas to the class when I presented it, which helped me understand how it was successful. 


Final Video

Visit to Exhibitions

Manfred Mohr

Cubitt Gallery

Manfred Mohr makes prints as well as videos. They are all based on shapes, mainly the lines of shapes. I was more drawn to his video rather than prints. The colours he used were so illuminating that they'd easily grab ones attention. The video was an animation of several lines coming together and making and then breaking shapes. It started off with 2D shapes and then moved to 3D shapes. The music had a foley nature every time there was a new line, but the tune in general was basic.



Lawrence Lek

Cubitt Gallery

What I inferred from Lawrence's video was that it was about unexpected brittleness and fragility, about the contrast between beauty and destruction. About what's on the outside but may not be on the inside, and about how everyone has to bear the fruit of their actions. The shape is so curved, beautiful and glittery with the gold but as it goes up the water it shatters several pieces thrown at it, and in the end shatters itself. Also, I like how the standard television size isn't used and it's been extended to 3 times the general video size.




Hrafnhildur Arnardottir / Shoplifter, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Assume Vivid Astro Focus: Running Naked

T J Boulting Gallery

This gallery was in the painting section but with all the media used and the exhibition being an installing in itself is what made me relate it to Fine Art Practice. Without a doubt this was my favourite exhibitions out of all. I wouldn't know where to begin. There was a time where I just sat there and was just in awe. The colours seemed to be playing with my mind. It was filled with bright colours, but merged together with some dull ones so well that it didn't hurt your eye. And the media used was so much, I can say that literally everything was used-a lot of different forms of plastics especially! The exhibition even has broken plastic mannequinns but the colours didn't suggest anything close to destruction.  When I saw the exhibition, the first thing that I wrote in my book was 'Utopia', in capital letters. I seriously seemed like I have entered a fantasy land. Part of the exhibition even had artwork on the floor which we had to walk on, that hurt me. The beauty of it made me cringe while walking over it. The attendent didn't say anything when I touched the pieces so I believe that was allowed, and actually feeling all the textures made the exhibit even more interesting. There were several unusual textures because of the amount of materials used. I genuinely can't explain the burst of happiness I felt in that exhibition, so much that I'd probably visit it some more times.

download.php?file=1564157&view=157350&embedded=1&textbox=1564164 download.php?file=1564159&view=157350&embedded=1&textbox=1564164


download.php?file=1564162&view=157350&embedded=1&textbox=1564164 download.php?file=1564163&view=157350&embedded=1&textbox=1564164



Hussein Chalayan

Gravity Fatigue

I went to see Hussein Chalayan's show 'Gravity Fatigue' and I had so many different emotions spouting out of me when I saw it. I loved the way he used a lot of illusion throughout which really surprised a lot of us audience members and we were curious to figure out what the next illusion would be. Most of the illusions created were with the use of light and some with the movement of the performers. There were parts where music was created without any instruments and just with human actions and that was wonderful, I highly doubt that there were any microphones on the stage to record those sounds either. There was a section where the similarities between men and women were shown, and I was surprised to see how we are actually quite similar than we believe. Hussein used a lot of music which sounded like traditional Arabic music, and he used some women in  Burquas which I think reflect his past and his culture and I personally love when an artist involves their culture in their work. He played around a lot with the human body form in the performance, and as of what I inferred, he was trying to put across different emotions with certain parts of the performance. Some parts were purely about visuals but some threw some strong emotion. There was a certain kind of minimalism and simplicity in the entire performance which made it look clean and crisp.




The importance of the editor is expressed in this piece of writing. About how the editor isn't 'secondary' but one of the most important part of any video, the editor can make or break the video. Then it talks about the different things an editor can do to the video to manipulate it. It's called the 'Verb List' for the techniques various artists use in video. Further on, there are examples of all of these verbs used. I have used some of them in my research so I won't talk about them here. But these are some of the others.

The 24 hr version of Psycho is stretched and takes away the suspense is such a suspense filled movie. Also, any part of the audience would not actually watch the whole 24 hrs, so each viewer takes back something different with them.

Telephones and Video Quartlet aranges several videos from movies of people speaking on the phone. It seems like all the people are having a conversation even though they are all different. The artist has arranged the videos so carefully that it doesn't seem like separate conversations and they blend and merge together well.

Learning from Las Vegas puts together a series of videos systematically to create a meaningful series of learning different tasks, such that the series makes sense.

The Long Cut erases off the most important part of a boxing match: the boxing match itself. Instead, the reactions of the audience are shown, it makes the viewer so much more curious about whats happening in the boxing ring. The only way the viewer would know whats happening in the ring is by the audience reaction, and that's also ambiguous as each member of the audience would not be supporting the same person.

L'Ellipse repair long, unnecessary footage. Jump cuts are used wherever possible as the viewers can easily infer basic things like a person walking to reach from one place to another. In today's movies several jump cuts are used.

The Blink matches videos together to give a hypnotic view. The videos are so small that only one viewer can see the video at a time which increases the hypnosis effect


PDF of Reading


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