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12th November 2015

I had to add lots of colour to my project now. And I was not sure how to go about it. I figured that first I should cover up the plaster area so I get a smooth area to work on. I originally had the idea of using strips of coloured paper/fabric but I didn't like it that much when I started. So I decided to continue on my painting project piece which had triangles of colour. I added triangles of paper and fabric in a collage format to the skirt of the dress.

 I received an expected feedback to my sculpture. A dark piece of a crooked headless doll. I had some other comments as well: Someone said it seemed like a dwarf mannequinn, someone said it looked like a transgender from a play because of the newspaper breasts, it had traditional old outfit but the flyers used for collaging were bright and bold with prints of todays time, it was a small person in a circus.

When I mentioned that I was fascinated by the process and wish I'd given it more importance to document the tutor suggested that next time in such a situation I can video record the process and present it with the sculpture as a part of the sculpture. Or i could have ripped off the dress from one side to show what was inside as part of the process. I really liked both of the ideas and in the future if I want to show the process I will probably use them.

11th November 2015

I went to the plaster workshop to complete my structure. It was much easier than I thought and it made me much more comfortable with using plaster. Overall I was happy that now I had hands on knowledge of using the different materials in different workshops.

10th November 2015

I had not done the prepatory task as I had the old specialist brief rather than the new one for the 2 day project. It took me a while to think for an idea for the sculpture,  I had just a blank paper for a long time. Then I decided to get with a theme of lots of colour. I had some ideas but they all didn't work well for me. Then I got an idea for a headless/armless doll type structure which would include me using all workshops. I had no idea how to go about it though as I had not used plaster before. The tutor advised me to use wood, then a chicken wire frame and then plaster. 

Even though I had attended the wood induction I was very confused about how to use the machines and had to take lot of help from the technicians. Making the chicken wire frame was also tough as it was not bending the way I wanted it to and the corners were hurting me. After making the frame I went to the plaster workshop but the technician told me that some parts of the skirt of the frame weren't too strong and I need to add more chicken wire layers to make it stronger. I did that and then just learnt how to mix plaster as the workshop was going to shut so I couldn't have completed my work.

9th November 2015

We viewed everyones video today. Usually we just walk around class and see what everyone has done, but I actually liked the format where we saw everyones work and commented on it. Some of the pieces were really good, I realised that the ones I liked most were the ones with a strong concept rather than just good video editing. One which stayed in my mind for long was the one by Kate where she zoomed into two couples kissing in slow mo and there was no sound. I think it was hilarious and brought on the concern of limits of PDA, and she got the reaction she wanted which was the entire class becoming uncomfortable.

My work of sounds from daily life, I believe was successful. I didn't have to explain my concept, everyone said it was pretty clear and obvious. It was about the monotony in daily life. One comment made me think further on about my project, she said that it was bad how all out daily life sounds today are so technological and not natural.

7th November 2015

I did some research and some reading for my projects. I changed my way of  research a little bit. I researched more about the artist and the work of the artist in general rather than just a particular piece of work. It helped increase my knowledge but the information I got wasn't that specific. I think I can use this form of research on the days that I have lot of time in hand as it is a very time consuming process, but otherwise I will continue to research like I used to.

6th November 2015

I still kept on trying to find more footage for my work. It was extremely tough to dig so deep into the WWW to fin what I wanted.I finally had my footage but had such a big block as to how to start. Once I would start I would know where to go but I just couldn't find my start point. I started off by shortening the videos and finding the exact sounds I needed so my work was filtered and more easy to concentrate on. I tried to find examples of work similar to my idea on the internet to understand how to go about it, but no success. Then I just kept on watching two examples which were shown to us in class as that was partially the inspiration for the work I was planning. I finally go to it by keeping on adding videos as my instincts told me to. I changed the orders several times but finally got to a conclusion. It required a lot of concentration so I totally disregarded the video in the beginning and concentrated more on the audio. Once I was satisfied with the audio outcome I rearranged the videos to make it systematic visually as well. The outcome wasn't as authentic as I expected. I think me doing lot of mashups will only help to make them better, as this was my first one. But I still liked it, it did sound somewhere similar to what I wanted. I think I have a future potential to make this project better by using my own videos and practicing more mash ups.

5th November 2015

I was quite excited as it was video editing day and it;s one of my good skills. The presentation of the artists really inspired me, it made me look at video editing in a different way. I realised that it's not just about editing short films (which I usually do) but about using the tools of video editing in a more creative way. I didn't need to learn much throughout the day as I already knew most of it, but surprisingly I knew more about the complex feature and had looked over some basics which I did brush up again. It would make my editing more efficient. Also, I use FCP but the class was taught on premire pro so now I know a little bit about another software as well which could help in the future as premire is one of those softwares compatible with macs and windows and I may not have a mac for my fcp always. Since my main concern was not learning the software but the final outcome I started thinking about that. I thought of working around a mash up about people speaking different words but it didn't work out for me. If I'd do that I wanted it to have a very deep meaning like the news reporter example shown to us in class and there wasn't any such idea I could think of. I would have loved to work with my own videos, I do YouTube so I had lot of videos of myself. I could have done the word mashup with that but the tutor didn't let me use it as it wasn't exactly 'Found Footage' if I used my own previous footage. So I decided to play with sounds instead. I spent a lot of time downloading footage of daily life objects. It was really tough to find it. I think it would have been easier for me to record these sounds and videos myself but I had to live within the limitations of the projects.

3rd November 2015

The day was quite simple as I had my direction set and knew what to do. I already had a rough idea of what I wanted the video to look like. I wanted the music beats and video to match up so I found some music with the beats I wanted. I started off, it was a little tough to figure out how I wanted to move forward. I had two options: either to re do the collage and physically take photos to put together or to photoshop. I chose photoshop as I had more possibilties with it and it was also more practical. It took a while to figure out how I would make it systematic as I'd have so many photoshoped images in so many different ways but once I got the idea of editing the images in reverse order it went smoothly. I kept on adding pieces in the animation and since I wanted it to seem never ending I made a reverse of it in between the video. I had a different end idea but once I started off the video with one piece and increased it I understood the importance of having a base to everything so I ended the video with the base of the project. To me it represents how everything needs a strong foundation to move forward. The tutor liked my video but not the music, he felt the music was overpowering the video. I felt it was helping the video as it was giving beats to the changes in the video. He then showed me works of an artist and I then understood what he meant. The music in her videos was like some foley tunes and it complemented the video but wasn't as important as the video. I tried to experiment with the music in the little time I had left. The tutor really liked the rewind sound so I tried to out that in the entire video but it seemed quite monotonous so I didn't use that. I tried to find some foley music but there was nothing that impressed me, maybe I could have used some foley music I recorded myself. I tried to play with the fast forward, slow mo and rewind tools but nothing worked out that well. I finally presented what I had originally made. If I were to do this again I would think more about the audio; though I personally really liked how the video looked overall. I fell it was more fine art practice (where the audio and video are both given importance) rather than painting which is much more about visuals.

2nd November 2015

Surprisingly, I did enjoy the day. We started off with collaging from the images we had or with new ones. I had 12 images and I preferred to use them to maintain consistency in the print material. I wanted to make a systematic collage using hexagons but I simplified it into using triangles, mainly because I didn't have a protractor. This did work in my favour though I believe as the prints were already so confusing that a 6 sided shape would have not worked well with it. I looked at the images more in terms of colour rather than as a whole. I wanted to find tiny patches with an interesting mix of colour. I started off with something I liked and made the triangles form a hexagon but it seemed very incomplete so I decided to add more triangles and not let there be a solid shape that they form, just something confusing. The tutor liked it but I didn't like the negative space around the collage. She said that to her the negative space represented a gallery wall but to me it still felt incomplete. I let the shape be a non-definate shape but added more triangles to it to cover up more of the page till I was satisfied. The tutor and I were then discussing possibilites of what I could do with the collage for the painting. I wanted to do something digital first like playing with the scale, I wanted to make it extremely tiny or make the whole piece very large by repeating it several times and playing with opacity. Another specification I gave the tutor about the piece was that I kind of wanted the shape to seem like a never ending shape, just keeps on growing. She then suggested if I could do an animation and I am good with video editing so I felt it was the best option as it could represent my theory. Though I liked my final outcome of the day I feel I should have experimented more. Everyone has 2-3 collages to choose from and work around but I made only one attempt. Luckily, it was successful but next time I should start with a couple of possibilites in case some of them fail. It can even give me an opportunity to mix two ideas to create something better. I feel that the final collage was very much like  print work so I also plan on projecting it on a garment as well, but later on.

31st October 2015

I didn't do anything in the independent research week as I was furious about getting fine art instead of fashion. I didn't get the motivation to do the work as fine art is not one of my interests. Though I did regret that today so I ended up doing a little work where I took out the 12 images needed for the painting project. I was a little confused about the brief, I don't know if I need only interior spaces like the ones shown in the brief or I could take general architecture as well. I ended up taking both for variety. Most of my images were from architecture/ interior design books at the library. They were all about taking architecture and interior design to the next step, or about layering and use of unexpected materials. I didn't have any personal attachment to the images but I did find them inspirational because of how they were great pieces of art. If I had done some work in the independent research week I would have probably got better images.

23rd October 2015

I got diagnosed into Fine Art. I didn't even do fine art in the diagnostic month as I took PDP instead. This really enraged me and I did go the tutors to clear things up but they said my work seems more fine art than fashion. I still don't get how it's possible, I personally have never liked fine art much and don't see that in my work. The tutors are more experienced though and do understand more by looking at a students' work but this didn't work in my favour and I don't know how I will cope up with doing something I don't like for an entire year. I feel I would probably relate most of my fine art work to fashion. I don't know if I should also do the fashion briefs in my spare time.

19th October 2015

My progress tutorial went well. I was told to just attend some more exhibitions and research more on artists for inspirations. I felt that if I look at other artists' work I will unconsciously plagiarize so I never did it much but the tutor told me that at this stage that doesn't matter that much and if I do end up plagiarizing the tutors will help me out with it. So I want to see how that goes. 

18th October 2015

I practiced some stitching on my sewing machine today. The more I use it the better I get at it. I also gave a try to smocking. Though it wasn't a very great outcome I think it was fine for a first try. The more I do it the better I will get at it as I will understand it better. But even though the smocking I did isn't that systematic I feel it still looks interesting when put together.

17th October 2015

Since I was not very happy with the 'Everyday Shapes' project in class I re did it. I tried to give myself a time limit so it's as similar as what happened in class. This time though I used the different paper techniques from my base experimentation that I wanted to. I was happy with the outcome. But I still feel that there is scope for even more improvement. The long front piece and back piece brought interest but the crushed side piece is something I'm in mixed minds about. It can either be a great contrast to the two solid pieces, or seem like an out of the place paper. So I'm not very sure about the third piece again, but I feel it is better than last time.

16th October 2015

I visited the Victoria and Albert museum to see the 'Fabric of India' exhibition. I did sketch and take notes in this exhibition unlike the previous one I went to. When I had to add everything to my sketchbook and workflow it was easier for me to remember everything and put everything in place. As for the exhibition, it was absolutely brilliant even though I already know quite a lot about Indian textiles. I learnt more about the history of the fabrics and about the difference between the motifs used in the olden times as compared to today. The last part of the exhibition was about Indo-Western clothing and that inspired me the most. I would like to mix fabrics and styles of different cultures together as well.



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