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Christopher Kane

When researching about Christopher Kane I came across this one famous quote he said: 'I can find inspiration anywhere'; and his designs are a clear example of that. He said that he especially gets inspired by the things that people find non-inspiring, ugly and non-fashion. Each collection of his is so different from the other. In fact, his favourite designs out of all his collections are also really contrasting. 



 This is one of his favourite pieces, Sequin Palette Pants worn with Metal Cashmere Sweater from Fall/Winter 2008




This is one outfit from his Central Saint Martins graduation show and his second favourite collection are all his neon bandage dresses from this show.


There is such a visible contrast in his two favourite pieces. One is monochromatic and fully covered and the other is neon and skimpy. This contrast and variation is what inspires me from this designer. 




Human Body


I believe that the human body is one of the most fascinating materials out there because of its complications. Also it has, obviously, been available since humans were born and will be there till humans go extinct. But what irritates me is how people abuse and shame the body. More so when they shame their own body. They get several harmful surgeries and some are still never satisfied with all the amazing things their body can do. Even body shaming is a common practice today and a lot of fairly healthy people are also not made to feel comfortable in their own skin.







There is a very simple ' too much-or too little' concept which we need to understand. May this be the negative and positive space in a painting or the balance in someone's daily life.



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