Research and Record: Build It

3D Design and Architecture Diagnostic 15/10/2015

Build it

Secondary Research

Some of the architectural pieces from the presentation that I liked:


Coop Himmelblau's Pavillion at Munich opera is so harsh and pointy on the outside but there is soft light of the sun on the inside



I really like the use of regular and irregular shapes in Thomas Saraceno's work



I think that this work by Yashuhiro Yamashita is an incredible use of space 



The White Elephant by Jimenez Lai looks extremely playful and thats what I like about it



Nick Grimshaw's structure is made highly complex with the simplest of shapes




Primary Research

We had to get into groups and make 2 structures using bamboo sticks. We saw one structure and decided to make it without realising it was extremely tough. It didn't end up looking like we expected but it was still interesting. We combined the two structures and added string to add to the complexity. First we thought of putting one structure inside the another but then we just dded it on top our structure. We visualised it as a climbing ride for children at parks, but it would be at a larger scale and would have some safety measures around it.


Structure 1:



Structure 2:



Putting one structure inside another:



Change of ideas and final piece:




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