Research and Record: Illustration

Fashion and Textiles Diagnostic 22/09/2015


Secondary Research

We were given several websites to view in the brief. Here are some visuals from the websites:

1. Clare Knox Bentham uses plastic as her medium of work. This is not the way plastic is usually used, this is a very raw handmade format and hence each piece she would make would be unique; which is what I appreciate most in her work.




2. Polly Horwich makes contemporary jewellery using cheap everyday materials. But even with that she finds deep meaning in her work, like depression and heart break. I look at art very differently if it has these meanings and emotions to them.



3. Lizzie Finn makes collages, usually using fabric. I love the play of colour where the back drop is subtle but the foreground is extremely vibrant.




4. The paper cut project uses sheets of paper to create 3D art work, usually headgears. What I love about this work is the detail involved.



5. The fashion illustration gallery consists of illustrations from different artists. The one on top is from Richard Haines. The use of that paper displaying fabric to illustrate a naked man adds meaning to the illustration. And the one on the bottom is from Tanya Ling. The colour and strokes used in the hair really inspire me.



6. I personally love Hellen Bullocks work. It's very colourful and lively but minimalistic at the same time. Also, the strong inspiration from shapes impresses me. The work on the left is from Collection 2 and the work on the right is rom collection 3




Work in class

The main work done in class was illustration using mark making and collaging techniques which are all in my sketchbook. Here are a few pictures of what we illustrated:






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