Research and Record: Lost Letters

Graphic and Communication Design Diagnostic 29/09/2015

Lost Letters

Secondary Research

These were some of the designers we were shown in class who I researched on:

1. Howies is a brand that uses traditional forms of printing on clothing using natural dyes and fibres. Even though it is a time consuming and expensive process it's always good to see clothing brands who are environmentally responsible and preserve traditional techniques.



2. Herb Lubalin's work is such that it brings a smile to a person's face. There are very simple amendments he makes to the letters he uses, but it makes a huge difference and brings out a greater meaning to the word. I really like the minimalism in the work.



3. What I love about the first picture of Alan Fletcher's work is how literally he has used the words with the typography. And the second picture speaks a lot even though it has just one word on it.



4. The famous FedEx logo. designed by Lindon Leader, has the hidden arrow behind it and that's what makes the logo to great.


Upon seeing this I tried to find some other logos with such hidden images as well. The first one is Hersheys Kisses. The second one is Sony Vaio, the V and A represent analogue signals and the I and O are shaped like the binary digits.





Work in class

I chose to draw around the letter 'C'. The first thing that came to mind was an elephant, then a hand opening a door handle. When I used the hand that way, I realised that the hand can be used in several ways. I though of the hand holding a Mumbai local train handle and then the handle of a beer mug. All of the sketches are in my sketchbook.

This is the progress of the lino cutting:



This is the final outcome, it shifted a little and I didn't get the exact screen print that I wanted:





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