Research and Record: Observe and Reveal

Performance Design and Practice Diagnostic 05/10/2015

Observe and Reveal

Secondary Research

The presentation shown to us in class was all about extensions and restrictions of the body. Further on, we were taught about the kinesphere. It's a concept by Rudolf Laban that the kinesphere is the area our body can occupy, this was what our final project was about and here's my research for it:


In Laban's exact words the kinesphere is "the sphere around the body whose periphery can be reached by easily extended limbs without stepping away from that place which is the point of support when standing on one foot". There are also different kinds of kinesphere which fall into 3 different planes as follows:



Charlotte Rudolph and Kandinsky worked together and documented people in motion using their kinesphere. The documentation was through photographs and drawings. If you were to see the drawings by themselves you wouldn't understand what they were, but when put alongside the photographs it shows that the lines are people in motion. I personally love the line sketches because I realised that it is really tough to draw people in motion when I tried it myself.



Primary Research

We were told to find our kinesphere in class and out partner would draw us. The record of the same is in the sketchbook. We were then told to create an extension to the body. Our first attempt was a failure, the idea is in the sketchbook. We concentrated too much on restricting the body in our first idea rather than extending it. It was inspired by a mermaid's tail. We wanted to continue with the tail idea to move on so instead of restricting legs we thought of extending the spine into a tail. Also, while exploring our kinesphere we had noticed that the back is an area that is really hard to cover so the tail would be an extension to cover that. This is the final outcome:



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