Research and Record: Observe and Perform

Performance Design and Practice Diagnostic 06/10/2015

Observe and Perform

Secondary Research

Light and Shadow was the main concept of this day. Here is my research from some of the pieces we were shown in class:


I was highly inspired by Kumi Yamashita's work. This work is so temporary,  it would only be seen perfectly from a certain angle and when the light hits it from a particular side. It fascinates me so much because it takes way too much thinking and calculation to come up with ideas where simple things like 3D letters and planks can create beautiful, meaningful forms.




Tim Noble and Sue Webster play with shadows as well and create very unexpected work. When I look I just the piece made of trash it doesn't create an interest, it seems like just a lump of trash but when the shadow of the same is seen from a particular angle an image is formed. I really like this work because here trash gives the form to art which is unusual.





Primary Research

We were told to form groups perform using a shadow screen according to a piece of music which we were given. Our group chose to have a storyline to the performance. We came up with the idea within the first 10 minutes of listening to the music, the rest of the time was mainly about how we could execute our idea. Here is the final outcome: 



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