Research and Record: Observe and Trasnform

Performance Design and Practice Diagnostic 08/10/2015

Observe and Transform

Secondary Research

In the presentation we were shown installations of different artists which play with people's senses and emotions. Here are some which I liked:

This piece by Gordon Matta-Clark catches my eye as it can be interpreted in several different ways by different individuals. I didn't want to read up much about this piece but just look at several images of it because I wanted to keep my perspective of this work of art and not know what the real inspiration behind it was. I look at it as a representation of the artist's life where his family and relationships bothered him, he didn't like the situation but continued to live through it. This might be completely incorrect but that's what I see.




Do Ho Suh's work is something I relate to. He wanted to bring his old apartment back to life in a different place. The same way I miss my home too and try to bring as many elements of it here in this new place where I live, but he missed it so much that he converted it into an art installation.




This work of Miroslaw Balka inspires me because of the curiosity it builds in the minds of the audience. The human mind is really curious and this work plays very well with that. It's pitch black inside, and it seems like a nightmare but still there are so many people who want to experience it.



Primary Research

We were told to sketch out places that represent a word we were given. Mine was foreboding; the sketches are in my sketchbook. We then had to use those sketches to make a model of an interactive installation inspired by one of those sketches. The one I picked was of the inside of a lift. My installation was a lift which is black from the outside. One member of the audience goes in, the lift shuts. It has mirrors all around on the inside and very little source of light from the top. Usually when someone goes inside a lift they have an aim to get to somewhere. But this lift would not have any buttons and the audience wouldn't be able to choose where to go. The lift would go up and down several times and would open back on the same floor. I made a rough prototype first, and then a final one.





Then we had to pair up with someone with the opposite word and combine our installations. We were a group of three: two foreboding and one relaxing. Our installation was as follows: The audience would enter the huge dark area and move around. The find the lift and get into the lift as a form of escape. The lift would also be spooky and they may feel it did not benefit them. But the end would be positive as the lift would take them to the top with the trees where there is a relaxation area.




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