Research and Record: Poetic Cardboard

Graphic and Communication Design Diagnostic 28/09/2015

Poetic Cardboard

Secondary Reseacrh

We were given some information about artists in class. This is my research about them.

1. Yoko Ono's cut piece is a very thought provoking artwork. I don't know what exactly I feel about this project, but Yoko Ono's expressions towards the end are really disturbing and sad  and makes me think more deeply about sexual harassment.



2. Lucy Orta took safety equipments and converted them into clothing. I feel this has a strong meaning if you think of it deeply. Clothes are meant for safety, and she made outfits out of  things usually used for safety measures. It's like an idea inside an idea.



3. Textees are really common right now and probably the easiest and simplest way to express yourself. This work by Katharine Hamnett makes me understand how artwork can me simple and clear doesn't have to be interpretative. 



4. The work by Hussein Chalayan shown to us in class was his burkha work. It makes me realise that art can get offensive to some people at times.


But I further went on and saw some more designs by this designer and the surrealism in his designs really inspires me and I would like to research on his work further on as well.



5.Tim Walker had a very different way of displaying work here. The form of the human body exists but the body itself doesn't.




Work in Class

The words our group got were 'Poetic Cardboard'. Our interpretation of the same was that poetic and cardboard are two contrasting words and we wanted to bring that out in our art piece. The literal use of the word poetic came with using words in our piece and the literal use of cardboard was, obviously the cardboard used. The soft feel of the word poetic came in the flowy shape of the wings used and the harshness of the cardboard was captured by the strong topic chosen and offensive words used. This was the final outcome:





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