Research and Record: Type

Graphic and Communication Design Diagnostic 01/10/2015


Secondary Research

This is some research from the websites we were given:

1. Hiroaki Ohya's work takes some time to understand but when I all the letters are seen together it's excellent. I love the simplicity of the material and the smart manipulation of the name -t shirt which can now be an a shirt, b shirts, c shirt and so on



2. When just fingers are used letters will not be that visible, but the added paint makes the concept of handmade type so clear. Also, using the same paint areas on the hand for the upper and lowercase letters makes the concept seem more playful.

download.php?file=1408382&view=144010&embedded=1&textbox=1405225 download.php?file=1408384&view=144010&embedded=1&textbox=1405225


3. Jason Ramirez's work really makes me think of the quote 'stop and smell the roses'. These are all naturally formed cracks on the sidewalks of NewYork which he found.



4. 'Dance with me' is like a real time typography. When seen from a distance it doesn't look a play with shutter speed but the real beauty is seen in the close ups. I love the idea of using humans and non permanent kind of typography.

download.php?file=1408432&view=144010&embedded=1&textbox=1405225 download.php?file=1408433&view=144010&embedded=1&textbox=1405225


5. Farhad Moshiri's work has a hidden meaning behind it. The quotes written are so positive but the material used, knifes, are so negative. The both contrast each other and gets the viewer thinking in terms of how bad things in life can actually make something great and give a wonderful outcome.

download.php?file=1408443&view=144010&embedded=1&textbox=1405225 download.php?file=1408445&view=144010&embedded=1&textbox=1405225




Primary Research

We researched on several forms of making the alphabets:



Then stuck to one of the forms we liked and made most of the alphabet out of it:



Then gave our typeface a name and wrote the name in the typeface. This is one of my earlier ideas:



But I finally decided on this way of presentation:






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