Research and Record: Use It

3D Design and Architecture Diagnostic 13/10/2015

Use It

Secondary Research

We were shown several chairs in the presentation and most of them were so common that I realised that I never really thought someone would have designed then. They have just always been there. But what inspired me most out of all of them was the practicality in some of the chairs


The Robin Day chair (which we ended up using in out final product) is one of the most common chairs I've seen. In fact, it is the one in CSM's studios



The Plia chair is one that makes most efficient use of the space I believe



Jasper Morrison's air chair was the first to be made fully with the same material. It saves the time and money to combine two or more materials. Moreover, it even has a hole to let water through so the chairs dry faster if they've become wet



Herman Miller's chair means business by what it looks like. Also, it's nice to have wheels under the chair to move around in the office so the person doesn't have to get up and waste time to move just a small distance



Martino Gamper's 100 chairs in 100 days project also really fascinates me. Though all of the chairs may not be as practical, they make one smile because of the combination. Also, modification of chairs in that way and looking and modifying an object which has been seen in the same way for so many years is not an easy task



Primary Research

We sketched out ideas of modifying the Robin Day chair in class. The sketches are in my sketchbook. I thought more about practicality rather than aesthetics. But I feel this project can be taken further on as my design seems to be at stage one and has scope for improvement. There is one section under the chair for people to leave their bags as most people don't like leaving bags on the floor. This extension can be made detachable so the chairs can stack up when needed. The extension can also be stacked up. There would be a hook at the back for umbrellas.





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