Research and Record: Wear It

3D Design and Architecture Diagnostic 12/10/2015

Wear It

Secondary Research

We were shown a presentation of accessories in class and these are some of my favourite pieces:


Marcel Van Der Vlugt's head piece evokes a feeling of being trapped inside



This accessory by Tiffany Parbs is an extension to the body



This piece looks like building a cage around yourself. It is by Matylda Krzykowski



This work by Mizoko Yamada is like having another person guide you and/or force you to follow a path



When one's hand is in a certain position, only then can this Naomi Filmer piece fit them



Leanie Van Der Vyer questions what's 'usual' with these reverse heels



Primary Research

We were asked to come up with ideas for accessories revolving around the three words: suspend, surround and balance. The sketches are in my sketchbook. We were then told to choose one of them and make our accessory. I combined two of my ideas as they both seemed very half done. One was a head/neck piece and one was a piece on the shoulder. When assembling it on my model I realised that the shoulder piece wasn't staying in it's position so I switched it to make it an arm piece.





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