Fabric of India

15/10/2015 (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Fabric of India

I went for the Fabric of India exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. A huge part of the exhibition didn't seem 'new' to me as being Indian I know quite a lot of Indian textiles already, also I did something related to Indian textiles for my CSM entrance portfolio as well. But the part that fascinates me the most is the Clash of Cultures, which is a mix of Indian and Western outfits/textiles/techniques. That part was towards the end of the exhibition and these are some of my favourite pieces:

Manish Arora's 2015 piece which seems to be inspired by the Indian lehenga



Rimzim Dadu's 2014 Ikat dress. Ikat is mostly just used in Indian Sarees



Rajesh Pratap Singh's 2009 Gamcha Jacket. Gamcha is a material used for cleaning in India. It usually has checks or stripes and is always maroon and white



Rajesh Pratap Singh's 2009 khadi jacket (Khandi is Gandi's cotton and is not usually used in western wear) which is also inspired by Alexander McQueen's Skull print




Apart from what was there at the exhibition, here are some other some other indo-western styles which fascinate me:


Masaba Gupta (My most inspirational Indian fashion designer) always uses unusually quirky and bright prints on sarees



Sonaakshi Raj has combined pants and the Indian saree in her 2014 collection



Abraham and Thakore used a shirt instead of the traditional Indian blouse with their Saree:





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